Original Original


Standard Pub Ale

Old Kan Original is inspired primarily by our love of the ease and drinkability of Pale Ales. If you love beer, it has everything you love about beer in it. It features an all English malt bill, oatmeal for body and mouthfeel, and an addition of rye for earthy spice. Old Kan Original is a grain-forward, dry ale finishing with a light hop bitterness on the palate. Once you know it and love it, feel free to order it by just asking for an “OG”!

Dark Dark


Session Ale

Old Kan Dark is for the folks who love the mouthfeel and richness of beers made with roasted malts. It has a low alcohol content for sessionability, coupled with assertive flavors of burnt toast, a dry, earthy roast, and a balancing touch of cola-like acidity.

Light Coming Soon


Cream Ale

Old Kan Light is the most approachable of all our beers. The ubiquitous style of beer you see around the world is the light, crisp, and refreshing kind. This beer is our recognition that, in the form of a quintessentially American classic Cream Ale.